Knight Time Music Radio with DJ Jez
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First of all I have been visiting my local Nightclub and Roadhouse in Melton and I enjoy watching DJs doing their entertainment playing all kinds of music and see everyone dancing on the dance floor and I got interesting to be a DJ myself and start buying equipment and I began doing mobile discos in Melton Mowbray and Leicester including Oakham and within 30miles, and I did a lot of them and I enjoyed doing them. I having some choices whether to start up my own radio station or not because I like playing music with cds, with my mixer. Trouble is the competition between me and other people doing the discos. Anyway I got my myself a computer with windows 98 and internet but no good for streaming. Then I joined Sky. In April 2008 I got my new computer with vista and I set up the itunes and do the discos with it. then I found Virtual DJ because the software I want to download to my computer so I can do the discos with it, anyway earlier I whether to try is start up my Internet Radio Station and upgrade with Virtual DJ to broadcast of coarse have to be licensed, because you cannot broadcast music without a licence and no PRS licence because of the copyright laws, so I applied to virtual dj so I download the latest virtualdj software on to my computer and got my PRS licence. I search for Internet Radio Station set up, and I found Shoutcast where I found free account, set it all up to the Virtual DJ software and see what happens, start streaming some good music, as I doing that and see any results and I what I see countires appearing and I have listeners. So I name my radio name as Knight Time Music Radio with DJ Jez which it will work with my disco as DJ Jez,Disco and Entertainment, any I had my website set up with and
Next thing I upgraded my radio station to my own website so I go alone as
and I had to shorten the website as and get hosted with I have my Internet Radio Station website streaming and home pages and all the stuff on it. Getting a lot of traffic to website.

Tune in to the right wave - the wave of good spirits and positive emotions, listen and participate in our shows, follow our news and share your news with us. It is music station with no DJ talk. Playing all kinds of music from old to new, playing mixture of music like dance, pop, rnb, disco and club.

Welcome to Knight Time Music Radio with DJ Jez. I have lots of good music on the show.